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Acrylic Canvas

ACHB15UC - Hemp Beige Acrylic Canvas

ACHB15UC - Hemp Beige Acrylic Canvas


Per Metre


Acrylic canvas from Sauleda SA protects from ultraviolet
by dispersing, absorbing and reflecting the UV rays thus
preventing them from penetrating the fabric.

All our Sauleda SA Acrylic Fabrics have been impregnated
with TEFLON. This creates a barrier effect and reinforces the
water repellency as well as delaying the adherence of soil.

The Premier Acrylic Canvas made by Sauleda of Spain at their
modern and extensive manufacturing unit in Barcelona.
• Unsurpassable colour stability
• High resistance to sunlight and atmospheric conditions
• Maximum efficiency against putrefying agents
• Maximum resistance to tearing due to stretching
• Maximum resistance to atmospheric pollution
• Permits passage of air
• Water resistant
• Use for boat covers, canopies, sprayhoods, biminis,
awnings etc.
• Tightly woven
• High Pick Count

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