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Angelic Interiors

Specialists in Foam Cutting services to a specified size in a variety of densities for Dining Chair Seats, Window Seats, Bench Cushions, Footstools, Headboards, Garden Furniture, Settee and Armchair Cushions and much more companynameB&M Latex Sales Limited

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Non Slip Matting

Non Slip Mat

1. Material structure allows water to evaporate and drain through making it ideal for use in bathroom, Wet Rooms, around Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs.

2. Anti-slip function and best shock relieving effects.

3. Suitable for use in Kitchens,Bars,Restaurants, Swimming pools, gym room and living room.also can be used as a beachmat or children play mat.

4. Hundreds attractive designes for your choose.

5. Care instructions for anti-slip mat: Cut into the size with scisssors and wash by hand at 40C.