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Angelic Interiors

Specialists in Foam Cutting services to a specified size in a variety of densities for Dining Chair Seats, Window Seats, Bench Cushions, Footstools, Headboards, Garden Furniture, Settee and Armchair Cushions and much more companynameB&M Latex Sales Limited

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Foam Cut to Size

We offer a full Foam Cutting Service either whilst you wait in our shop or by Mail Order.

We stock several grades of foam for various applications and will always advise you of the correct density and grade for your specific needs.

We supply foam for,

Settee / Armchair Cushions
Mattresses and Mattress Toppers
Window Seats, Bench Seats, Garden Furniture, Pews, Kneelers, Kitchen/Dining Chair Pads, Packaging, Flight Cases, Boat and Caravan Cushions and more ...

For small items, we will always try and offer a CUT WHILST YOU WAIT service.

Mattress Toppers

We have also been making Foam Mattress Toppers for many years in any shape, size or thickness required.

Often Boats, Motor Homes and Caravans have odd shaped mattresses and bepoke toppers are required.

Foam High Density Mattress Foam to Memory Foam we have a foam that will suit you.

We can also make covers to fit from Cotton to an Upholstery Fabric of your choice.

Foam Mattresses

Our Classic Mattress range has a luxury quiled cover encasing our signature 50kg/m3 Memory Foam.
Like all our mattresses it has a machine washable cover with anti dust mite and hypoallergentic properties.
We vacuum pack our mattresses for many reasons including,

- Mattress can be collected directly from our shop and will fit inside almost ANY car (Incl. a Mini).

- Vacuum packing is airtight which means your mattress will stay clean and hygenic in transport.

- It protects the whole mattress and as such is less likely to get damaged in transport.

- It allows you to easily receive delivery of the mattress and move it to any room of your house with minimal effort.