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Angelic Interiors

Specialists in Foam Cutting services to a specified size in a variety of densities for Dining Chair Seats, Window Seats, Bench Cushions, Footstools, Headboards, Garden Furniture, Settee and Armchair Cushions and much more companynameB&M Latex Sales Limited

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Tacks and Gimp Pins

Tacks and Gimp Pins

Upholstery Tacks are used in various lengths and head size depending on what you are upholstering.

A general rule is to use the 16mm Improved Head for fixing Webbing and the slightly shorter tacks for example the 10mm Fine or Improved for fixing Hessian and Calico to the chair.

The coloured Gimp Pins are small headed pins ideal for fixing braid and gimp to your finished piece.