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Specialists in Foam Cutting services to a specified size in a variety of densities for Dining Chair Seats, Window Seats, Bench Cushions, Footstools, Headboards, Garden Furniture, Settee and Armchair Cushions and much more companynameB&M Latex Sales Limited

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Marine Cover Fabric

Marine Cover Fabric

Top Gun is a superb marine cover fabric designed for long
lasting colour, super high strengths, abrasion resistance,
minimal breathability, virtually no stretching or shrinkage
over time, mildew and ultra violet resistant and very water

The coating of Top Gun will not peel, chip, flake
or crack even at temperatures as low as 0°F. To maintain a
sharp appearance all that is required is to periodically clean
with a mild soap and soft brush followed by a thorough rinse.
Top Gun is warranted against premature failure in marine
cover applications
• 60 Inches wide. (157.5cms)
• Weight - 385gsm
• When total protection against “colour rub off” is required,
a protective patch should be sewn in at contact points.
Please note: Colours may vary slightly from different batches.
Please check colour before cutting cloth as no claim will be
accepted on colour variance.