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Specialists in Foam Cutting services to a specified size in a variety of densities for Dining Chair Seats, Window Seats, Bench Cushions, Footstools, Headboards, Garden Furniture, Settee and Armchair Cushions and much more companynameB&M Latex Sales Limited

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We provide an excellent upholstery service for small items including Dining Room Chairs, Small Wingback Chairs, Nursing Chairs, Button Back Chairs, Footstools, Ottoman Tops, Headboards and more...

We stock a wide range of upholstery fabrics and vinyls including top brands such as Romo, Linwood, Villa Nova, Clarke and Clarke, Kirkby Designs and Ross Fabrics.

From traditional upholstery using Springs, Webbing and Horse Hair, to modern day upholstery using Foam we can offer you the best advice.

Remember, simple style changes can easily update a piece of furniture.
Look beyond worn out fabrics.
Comfort in an existing piece of furniture you all ready own is invaluable.
The size and style that fit your decore are important reasons to reupholster your furniture.
Endless selection of quality durable fabrics give you an opportunity to have exactly what you imagined.
Antiques and family heirlooms are a treasure to have. We take great pride on working on furniture with a history.
Don't throw away a quality piece of furniture to replace it with new furniture that is poorly constructed with inferior materials.
On average, the cost of upholstery is half of what buying quality new furniture can be.
Reupholstery is an effective way to recycle and prevent landfill buildup.
Save time, gas and money by having us stop by and show you fabrics in your home.

Dining Chairs

Picking a piece of furniture such as a chair and then fitting it out with new material is quickly becoming a hot trend and tired dining table and chairs sets could be uplifted be re-upholsterying the chairs.

We can re-upholster your Dining Room Chairs whether they are just drop in seats or seats and back we have a great selection of Upholstery Fabrics and leatherettes to choose from in store.

Alternatively, you can buy all you will need including Tools, Wadding, Foam, Webbing, and Fabrics to re-upholster your chairs at home!


Liven up an old vintage footstool with a brightly coloured modern fabric and transform a tired piece of furniture.